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RjAndi good afternoon😊

That depends on the intensity of your friendship, difficult to understand the intensity? Some friends give you the open space to be yourself, help you in adverse situations, will listen to all of your rantings and complaints, will ask you to stop talking about crush or better half for the nth time knowing that you won't stop. In order words, they are called the 2 A.M friend because they are the people who'll he ready to help you when you ask fot it at 2am at night.

They are your family with whom you are not related by blood.

This is the friendship that is not born out of convenience and breathes through convenience.

Then, there are the rest if them. They are your friends and some maybe quite helpful and sweet to you, but all of this lasts vwhile it is convenient. These people will be your friend till they don't have to go out of their ways to help you. They maintain their friendship till it suits them. By no means, do I say that thesr people are based not worthy of your friendship.

Even you might be this friend to someone.

So, coming back to your questions, now, tell me, would you behave the same with your family and friends?

Rjandi I thank you


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