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The answer is an obvious "Yes", through it sounds weird. You can actually love and hate a single person simultaneously.

Since its about loving and hating, my guess its a person whom you used to love more than your own self ( or you still continue to love him / her. You love that person unconditionally because of the time you have spend together the memories you have are too good. That person is your world irresponsible of with whom you are. This feeling called love is the best.

Now that you hate that person for the desvastation he/ she did to your life and this may include that the change in priorities, change in behavior or just a total snap. This irritates you because you are used to that same person with whom you had so many memories but now the person is changed. You just can't digest this fact.

Your loving that person is the imaginary world you live in and you hate that person is the real world. Love never fades so your situation is similar to the question. Love and hate at the same time.

My personal advice : move out of this as quickly as possible. It does more damage that it seems😊

Thank you rjandi good afternoon to you❤️


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