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Hello rjcody good morning 😊

There is no difference between joy and happiness these only the two different words but the meaning is same. Words might comfuse us but the meaning will give conclusions. Its all in our minds whether to be joyful. Its all about choice we make in our day to day life that makes us feel about all the emition in a day, it can be jelousy,envy, joy, and loneliness.

We dicides who we want to be dont be focused on the words, feel the emotion running from your brain to the heart can give you immense happiness or put you in the hardest saturation in our life. We should kniw how to take it. Whether you do make sure it makes you satisfied if human is satisfied the feels happy. You should start injoying every part of your life, you should be satisfied with everything you have. You will see by yourself the difference, which not the different frome each other except the spelling joy and happiness.

Thank you so much rjcody 😊



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