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Rjkenzo good afternoon to you

For years. I believe only in hard work.

"What Luck"? This is an excuse for lazy bums".

And something we got in return for my hard work was a comfortable life and a good education.

Here is what I understood.

Hard work= Needs fulfilled+ comfortable life.

And that's how I entered my professional world. However, things looked completely good. I always got what I expected.

A handful of salary, with promotion, with recognition, with happiness, and too much happy was the return of putting in 8 hrs of hard work every day.

However, there are many areas of my life where I did put my efforts and got more than I believe and I deserve. Be it personal, or social, spiritual.

Luck! This term amazes me.

I could say that everything I got was because of ME.

Here! Look at me! I'm now successful my professional career as a (CMA) CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT here in japan. Its me who has done it! But I know that's a luck. And that's why I believe in gratitude.

Gratitude for what I have.

Thank you, Universe !!! Please keep loving me always!

Thank you so much rjkenzo

RJ Kenzo


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